Harlingen, Texas/Rio Grande Valley tour update August 7-10

Hey everyone! I’m supposed to be arriving this Thursday but thats still up in the air.  As much as some of the ECCIE hobbyists are down there pimping these UTR girls that are not even ECCIE verified nor age verified, I may just end up canceling my trip that way.  And when I say pimping, it is pimping because why should anyone have to contact the “hobbyist” to set up an appointment? If she’s gonna be tricking on the internet then she should set up her own profile right? Make sense but anyways just thought I let everyone know that I’m more than likely to cancel my trip that way unless you guys give me a reason to still tour that way. Plus this may just be my final tour that way because I am gonna end up retiring really really soon! That is all for now.

Current Touring Rates
Incall  $150/Half hour  $250/Hour
$350: 2 Hour Special (incall only)

2 thoughts on “Harlingen, Texas/Rio Grande Valley tour update August 7-10”

  1. That’s some bullshit, these girls need to be in school learning something instead of fucking these old tired men. LOL

    I hope you do well anyway! Good luck!

  2. You ladies need to live and let live. ..maybe they are in school and need help with tuition money. .

    Prostitution is one of the oldest professions out there and not a Damn thing you , me or anyone says will change a Damn thing

    Pimping ain’t easy and if it’s truly happening they’ll get what’s coming to them

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